#52sTeamBuilders Ltd is a collaboration of colleagues who have been working together since 1980 as members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard). They are Richard Alexander, Derek Archer, Brian Diaz, Delano Henry, Ornester King, Ian Queeley, Dexter Sealy Anthony Shade and Eris Cumberbatch. Joining the team is Marlene Dorset, Rhonda Jack and Jiselle Alexander.

Richard Alexander



Attained the rank of Lieutenant (Lt.) and holds a Masters of Business Administration, a BSc Computer Science and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. During his 32 years of active service he held the positions of Information Systems Officer, Recruit Training Officer, Recruit Training Instructor, Diver, Naval Special Forces Operator, Special Operations Group (SOG) and Weapons Specialist.

Derek Archer



Retired at the rank of Fleet Chief Petty Officer (FCPO) and holds the following: a Diploma in Physical Training, a certificate Security Administration, a certificate in Health, Safety, Security and Environment and a Level 2 Track and Field Coaching certificate. During his 29 years of service he held the positions of Team Lead Naval Special Forces (SNU), Diver, Armourer/Gunner (weapons specialist) and Recruit Training Instructor. He has also completed training as a Close Protection Officer in South Africa, Tactical and Evasive Driving in the USA and Firearms Range Management in Bermuda. He has participated in extensive training with US and British Special Forces and was a member of Trinidad and Tobago's track and field team to the 1982 Los Angeles Olympics.

Brian Diaz



Is a retired Fleet Chief Petty Officer (FCPO) with 33 years of active military service who held the positions of Gunnery Instructor (responsible for discipline and parades), Diver, Recruit Training Instructor, and Armourer/Gunner (weapons specialist). He also served seven (7) of his 33 years working in the Office of the Consulate General of Trinidad and Tobago, New York, USA.

Marlene Dorset



A sole proprietor for the past 30 years in the area of construction. She has successfully completed projects for Mr. Brian Lara, VEMCOTT and CLICO and continues to be involved in a number a Community Based Organizations.

Delano Henry



Is a retired Chief Petty Officer (CPO) who holds a BSc in Computer Information Systems and a Diploma in Physical Training. During his 30 years of service he held the positions of Strategic Project Lead - Operations, Information Systems Manager, Recruit Training Instructor, Physical Training Instructor and Communications Specialist. He also worked at the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) and the now defunct Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT). Subsequent to his retirement he worked as a systems engineer at Dell Inc. (USA) and at the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) as the Assistant Coordinator for Sports and Physical Education in the Sports and Physical Education Department (SPED).

Ornester King



Is a retired Lieutenant Commander (Lt. Cdr) who’s last place of duty was the Head of the Household of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a Diploma in Physical Training and completed training as a Small Arms Weapons Instructor, Firearms Range Management, Basic Training for New Instructors (Canada) and International Peace Keeping with Transport Canada. During his 30 years of active military service he also held the positions of Training Officer, Recruit Training Officer, First Lieutenant-Patrol Boats, Recruit Training Instructor and Physical Training Instructor.

Ian Queely



With 30 years active military service Ian retired at the rank of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) and a certified medic who worked on board patrol vessels and at the medical facilities at Coast Guard Headquarters, Staubles Bay. Prior to retirement he served several years as the Defence Force Liaison to the Defence Force's Family Support Unit.

Dexter Sealy



Is the holder of a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and has 8 years of active military service. During those 8 years he worked primarily as a Naval Special Forces Operator (SNU) and has participated in extensive training with the US Special Forces (US Navy Seals). Subsequent to his resignation, he worked as an engineer at BWIA and Caribbean Airlines before taking up a position at MassyCat as the Service Manager with responsibility for Fleet Management and Contamination Control.

Anthony Shade



Holds Diplomas in Occupational Health and Safety and in Security Management, along with his 23 years of active military service. He is a certified electrician who subsequent to his retirement worked with the defunct Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT) and the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) before taking up a position as Senior Security Supervisor at Eastern Credit Union.